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Hello Teddy is a Halloween themed, week long SPRINT done by a group of students in the Honours Bachelor of Game Design program. Randomly assigned into teams the week of Halloween, the second year students had to create a digital game inspired by the idea of "Trick" and later had to add a "Treat" aspect to the game.  

Our team chose to take the idea of our childhood toys and redesign them into this game. The game takes place as a toy store owner, traveling and maneuvering through different locations like the toy store or the streets. The story is about Teddy the toy store owner who gets injured on Halloween and sees monsters and beats them up. In the end it is revealed that the monsters were kids in costumes and the bear he is killing at the end is his wife. The game ends with Teddy being taken away by the police and flashbacks of his love life.

My Roles
  • 2D Asset Artist

  • Game Designer

  • Character Color Artist

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