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Hard Skills

Character design, 2D animation, Concept art, Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Visual FX, Environment/Background Art

Soft Skills

Problem Solving, Time Management, Brainstorming, Group Dynamics, Creative Thinking, Cartoon Voices


MagicaVoxel, Aseprite, JuiceFX, Spine, Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, InDesign, Premier Pro, Autodesk: SketchBook Pro, Maya, MudBox, Adobe, Pencil, Microsoft Office Suite, zBrush

Programming Languages

Unity: C#, Java (Basic understanding)

Trophy Case

Reviews for Monster Harvest​
  • “…its presentation, which utilizes a visual style…to great effect. Trees, buildings, and ponds are all drawn with an impressive level of detail, and things like a swinging hook hanging off a rooftop or the rustle of leaves in the wind help to sell the immersion in this world.”

  • “The world is well-designed, with a bright color palette that shows off how great pixel art can be. The slightly tilted viewing angle and shading effects give a slight 3D feel to the 2D environments.”

  • “… Monster Harvest has excelled in its visuals. I loved its cool retro style, pixelated imagery and vivid colour palette. This is exactly what I hoped to experience when I saw it first advertised, and I wasn’t disappointed.

  • “The game’s biggest asset is its visuals. The pixel art is gorgeous, especially for the environments. The trees are colorful and the buildings feel lived-in.”

Second Place for Waiting Room Interactive Game

Holland Bloorview and Sheridan College​

First Place for Most Aesthetically Pleasing

Given by DrinkBox Studios Visitors to Sheridan:
Graham Smith – Co-founder
Gary Corriveau – Lead Designer

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