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My Roles
  • 2D Character Designer/Artist

  • 2D environment Designer/Artist

  • 2D Asset Artist

  • Animator

  • Game Designer

Pearl Project is a large project collaboration between Sheridan College and Holland Bloorview Hospital. This section of the project is making an interactive motion capture game under the name "Magical Wars". The game lets players cast spells to attack, defend and select different items and abilities. Players travel down endless corridors and fight monsters.


I was working on this projects as the main designer and lead artist from January 2016 to August 2017. I played the different roles of creating this idea for the Pearl Project and working along side the other members of the Sheridan team.  

Link to the President's Report Sheridan. Read pages 6-9 and enjoy:

Water monster
Earth monster
Fire monster
Electric monster
Normal monster
Ice monster
Menu Icons
Torch Fire Sprite Sheet
Lit and Unlit Stars
Health Bar animation
Health Bar Frame
Magic wand choices
Clock Countdown
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