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My Roles
  • 2D Environment Artist

  • Puzzle Designer

  • Animator

  • Game Designer

  • Unity

  • Spine Animator

  • Fungus Unity Plugin

  • Sketchbook Pro

Tales of the Blue Valley is a mobile tap and touch puzzle adventure game made by a team of 4 people from the Honours Bachelor of Game Design program at Sheridan College during their final year in the program. The game was made with the intentions of giving kids something fun and interactive for long car rides and waiting large amounts of time.


The player gets to be a mouse adventurer who solves puzzles. The main story of the game is that one day in the mouse village that the game starts at is suddenly shadowed by a large flying object blocking out the sun and makes it impossible for the mice to grow crops. Turns out that the flying object is a flying upside down termite mound. The village gives the player the task of getting up there and moving the object out of the way.

After 7 months of work the first level was completed and shown at LEVEL UP showcase 2017.

Link to Friday Itch – Tales of the Blue Valley Review. Read and enjoy:

Download our early access demo with the link below and enjoy:

Animated Grass Together
Gears design
Connect the Dots Answers
Mouse Villagers
Hero the Mouse
Animated Grass part 5
Animated Grass part 1
Animated Grass part 2
Animated Grass part 4
Animated Grass part 3
SPIRE Games Team Photo
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