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My Roles
  • 2D Character Artist

  • Game Designer

  • Character Animator

Tiny Planets is an interactive waiting room game made for Holland Bloorview hospital. Utilizing pressure sensitive mats, Tiny Planets allows children and their families to relieve anxiety before appointments  in a fun and easy way.


By standing on different mats, players can grow and shrink the planets. The more mats of a specific colored are being stood on causes the corresponding planet to grow while releasing the pressure on those mats will cause them to shrink. Aliens jump from planet to planets trying to make it to their native world. 

Made by a group of 8 people from the Honours Bachelor of Game Design program at Sheridan College during a SPRINT week that's about 4-5 days long. Tiny Planets won 2nd place in the children choice from the hospital and it's employees.

Red & Green Aliens Animated
Blue & Yellow Aliens Animated
Game Into Screen
Tiny Planets Snapshot
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